Monday, December 3, 2012

m&m productions presents: Do you have mad lip-syncing skills?

In the past m&m productions has done a competition for all of it's followers: Do You have Mad Acting Skizls? Well, we are bringing to you a new competition for everyone!
Do you have mad lip-syncing skills?
Yes, that is right! m&m productions is bringing a Music Video competition!
Here are the rules:
*Select a song that is currently playing on the radio that is a top hit (like we do here!) preferably a song played on 99.9
*You're going to need a video camera
*Have fun and be creative!
*When you have finished your video, upload it somewhere and send me the link by commenting on this post.

I'm excited to see what the end result of this competition is :) If i like it I will repost it here on m&m productions.

There is no deadline as of right now.


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