Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do You Have Mad Acting Skizls?

Okay, so as the post is named, do you have mad acting skizls? I am looking for people who know how to act, who know how to take instruction from a director, and who love getting in front of a video camera!
You don't get paid anything, thought I would just start off with that. Secondly, you have to live in Colorado Springs, Monument area (some restrictions apply) (i don't even know what that means, i just wanted to put it) (ha ha!).
You also have to be someone I know. If I don't know you than sorry, but I cannot except you.

Anyways, I am looking for people who would in the future like to be on a Just Do It video!
If you have a blog or some other thingy that you can post videos on of your self, I would like to see your version of a Just Do It video!

The Rules:
It has to be totally unique to you.
You have to place at the beginning or end of the video that this video was for a competition on M&M Productions
Your video cannot be boring, tiring, or dry (HAVE SOME FUN!)
Also, when you are finished making the video, make a post or entry on whatever you have to post videos on, and then send me the link to where ever your video is at in the comment box below this post!

I hope you all take advantage of this competition, and remember,

(Realize that I will email you if you have won and when I can use you in a video!)

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