Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New! Just Do It

I have put together another Just Do It video with the help of my sister, Mandee, and one of our really good friends Katie. It is a Halloween Special for the month of October, it is about getting rid of Monsters in your closet.
Now, this video was just for fun, and we are not intentionally trying to scare you (this I am directing to younger audiences), just remember, it is all just in fun and none of it is real!
If you would like to watch it, the video is on the page titled Just Do It.

In the future we are going to be making a Just Do It video featuring in the month of December (Christmas), the month of January (New Years), and the month of February (Valentines Day). We plan on doing a Just Do It segment for most of the holidays in one whole year (maybe even including Birthdays)

Let me know what your thoughts are on this, and if you have any favorite holidays, can you please comment the name of the holiday and the month it is in so that we can do a special on that holiday in that month!

And as always,

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