Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Video that Never Happened

Remember that video I promised you in the last post....yeah, well that didn't happen. Sorry! So I will just recap you on what I did today.

We left the house a the crack of dawn to go get our blood work done! (Not fun at all) The only good part about getting my blood work done was that the guy who did it had a legit hispanic accent. It was amazing.

Then we (me, my sister, and my mom) all went to IHOP and ate a very filling (and expensive) breakfast. Yum.

We then went to our eye doctor because my sister and mom had appointments.

After the appointments we window shopped and then we ate lunch at Jack in the Box.

After we ate we went to the bowling alley (because I have a league).

And after all that we were able to come home and relax!

Such a tiring day...phew glad its nearly time to sleep :)

Don't forget about my video challenge!
*Details in the post below this one*

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