Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Month of May and a Video Challenge

It is already May, and I thought to myself Wow, I haven't posted since March...
So I decided to write a little something. I only have 2 more days of school and then I am out for summer break Whoo hoo! Also, I have been having a lot of bowling tournaments latley in which I have won some scholarships Double Whoo hoo!
It has been difficult for me to get a hold of the video camera this past month because with school wrapping up my life has been insane! But, tomorrow my sister and I will be making either a music video or just a random video.
Also, now that school will be over for the summer I will be able to get a hold of that camera more often and film some amazing things! I can't wait. Summer fever hit me before spring did....that doesn't seem right...but who can blame a girl that just loves the Summer time?

Okay I've got a little challenge for all you bloggers: I would like you to make a video about why you like summer and I want you to do something summery in your video (ex. roller blading, drawing with chalk, climbing a tree, having a picnic, etc.).
Once you've made your video, comment on this post and tell me your name and list the link to your video! I can't wait to see it. If I like your video I will reblog it on my blog so that all my followers will be able to enjoy it too! (Oh and don't forget to make it funny)
Can't wait to see your creative Summer Videos!

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  1. hi ^^ i made a video, go watch it PLEEEZ! :p lol