Monday, January 23, 2012

Bowling and Schoolwork

Bowling and schoolwork have officially taken over my life. But its all paying off! I broke my high score recently. It used to be a 209 and I broke that last week with a 213! I was so happy. Schoolwork is piled high as usual, but I'm getting by.
I have a high school bowling competition later on today. Currently our team placed 3rd, so we are going to try so hard to get up to 1st before its time to go to the state competition. I am really excited that I am getting better at my sport, because I really need scholarships. And girls can get really good scholarships through bowling. I have gotten two scholarships through bowling already, and it has been wonderful! I'm just glad I can get scholarships while doing something I love.

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  1. yes... yes... i agree, bowling is VERY demanding