Friday, October 28, 2011

What was the lucky number yesterday???

Does anyone know what the lucky number of yesterday was? Well, if you don't then I will tell you. Here is the awesome story:
I went to my Halloween Bowling Potluck on a fine crisp afternoon. While driving there me and my sister read history, and I studied some biology.....(I know this sounds like a average day, but it will get better, so just bare with me....!)
Once there I was very happy and excited (because I love bowling). My first game came out to be: 158
I thought that was pretty good for my first game, so I took a sip of soda and kept on bowling! My second game came out to be: 187 And this is where my day got flipped upside down.............
My last game came out to be a......................
That was my first 200 game ever! and to think I got 9 points over it! I was so exited! I cannot wait for a 300 perfect game now.
Well, I am going to have a mini party right now, ok? 
Thank you for joining my mini party, thanks for visiting M&M Productions, and always, Enjoy!

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