Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Sneak Preview of: William in London By: Rebekah I. Carr and Marissa R. Knowles

Sneak Preview Number 1:
Okay, time to check my surroundings, he thought as he wiped the dirt from under his green eyes, Over near the door is the guard. He holds the keys, and since this is a nice jail he probably stays there all day long. There is no way to dig under the wall. If you do anything out of hand you probably will be punished in some way.
“Wait a minute,” he realized he was talking out loud but continued anyway, “I am just a runaway orphan. Why am I in prison? What did I ever do but run away?”
“Boy, you’ve got yerself a gud point.” said the man next to him, “Why is this here boy in jail with the likes of us?”
The guard said, “Because he was accused of being in acquaintance with Eyed Barns.”
The jail got quiet quickly, “Who ever said that?” asked William.
“Black Eyed Barns himself.”
“You can’t trust him! I have met him, but I was never in acquain....”
“Save it for the jury.” said the guard.

Sneak Preview Number 2:
Mary Lou came out of the kitchen doorway holding ten plates, all balanced on her arms and one large one balanced on her head. She walked over to Barns and knelt down on the ground. Barns grabbed the plate, and as Mary was rising he dropped it over her head. Syrup ran down her face onto her dirty rags, glass shattered everywhere, and one nasty cut was forming on her arm.

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