Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rebloging: Some Say It's The Hair...

This is a post my sister previously shared with her readers. After reading this if you're not following my sister you are missing out. Not only does she post random stuff like this, she posts her photography, videography, her inspirations and some DYI thing-a-ma-jigs. 
So visit them, follow them, comment sweet things, this is just a peice of my awesome sister :)

some say it’s the hair…

Hi guys!
So as you may or may not know, my sister and I love psych (:
And it’s been decided amongst my family who we would be if we were characters in Psych.
Me: Shawn  Marissa: Gus  Jessica: Juliet   Ethan: Lassie (or imo Buz lol)
So me and Marissa found some pics of Shawn and Gus and redid them with us (:
I will show you.

haha pretty sweet eh?
So anybody who watches psych I challenge you to get a picture with you and a friend/ family member posed as the character you are most like, and post it on your blog or face book, then leave a comment with a link!! And I just might put your awesome pics on my blog!!
Until next time love (:

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