Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting My Lisence and Your Picks

On Monday I will be taking my drivers test for my lisence! Me and my family are pretty sure I will be able to pass. We are soooo confident. Especially ME :) That's one of the really exciting things thats going on this week.
So I put up these polls on the right side bar and these are what YOU chose for the next video picks!

Music Videos:
Call Me Maybe-Starring Mandee (votes: 2)
Titanium-Starring Mandee (votes: 1)
Halo-Starring Marissa (votes: 2)
Rumor Has It-Starring Marissa (votes: 1)

As you can see there is a tie! So, We will make music videos to the top two!

Call Me Maybe-Starring Mandee (won)
Halo-Starring Marissa (won)

Another music video we want to make soon is:

Goodtime-Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jespsen
This will be starring Mandee and Jack

We'll see when we can get around to that one. Also we are planning on getting a group of friends together and making a music video to one of our favorite songs (not yet picked out). These things will be happening as soon as physically possible with school and whatnot going on right now :)

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