Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yesterdays Events

Me and the family took a two hour trip up to Breckinridge for some swimming and relaxation time. I was in the back seat the whole trip listening to music and sleeping :) the best way to pass the time. We made our first stop in Frisco at the local Safeway and picked up a couple of doughnuts (YUM) and a water bottle pack. We then stopped and picked up some Subway for lunch! I got a spicy italian sandwhich on italian herb and cheese bread with provolone, lettuce, oil and vinegar. My all time favorite sandwhich to get there.

We then continued to make our way to Breckinridge, and again I fell asleep :)
When we finally got there we went to the pool area to eat lunch, once finished with lunch Mandee and I jumped into the pool!
After the pool we rode the gondolas and looked at one of their model rooms.
Then we took another 2 hour trip back home (maybe a little longer because we made some stops).
That was our day yesterday!

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