Friday, August 31, 2012

New Ideas New Pages

I've had some time set aside at night to think about what I could do to make my blog more than just videos. I'm fond of writing stories, and have come up with some brilliant ideas for a series I'm hoping to write soon.
There are a couple of new pages I would like to add to my blog eventually:
Work It- a video series on ways to excersize.
*I've had some requests from family and friends on this one, and I really think it would be fun to do! These videos could take place in my basement, outside, or even at the local YMCA gym! Would you like to see these videos? Let me know by voting on the poll to the right :)

Various Stories- a page that will hold a series of my stories.
*Been thinking of this for a while, a way to get my writing out there. I love to read and write fantasy so that will be the bulk of my story telling. The reason I call it various stories right now is because I don't have a name for the page yet! So it may be different once I get it up there. Would you like to see this page? Let me know by voting on the poll to the right :)

Videos are being made! I'm going to carry my camera around with me tomorrow and make a little vlog. Needing new ideas for Just Do It videos which was voted the page that needed more videos. I love you're thoughts, so feel free to comment. Music videos: There is a poll on the right for some songs that are a possibility, please let me know what song you want to see next in a music video and who you want to see in front of the camera!

I think that's all :)

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