Saturday, July 14, 2012

ALL TO HIM-Deperation 2012 JULY

Let me just start by saying that it was AMAZING! I had a wonderful time. I got to spend time with God, learn more about Him, and I got to do it all with some of my really great friends!
The first night was very tiring (well all the nights were). The first day we went at 5:30 till 10 p.m. The second day we went at 8:30 till 10 p.m. and the third day we went at 8:30 till 10 p.m. also.
We had several speakers:
-Brady Boyd
-John Macdonald
-Glenn Packiam
-Elijah Waters
-Jeanne Mayo
-Dan Perkins
-David Perkins
And we had several musicians leading worship but I will only name a few:
-Jared Anderson
-Kari Jobe
-Jon Egan
This Desperation Conference was the first one I had ever been to, and I'll have to say I am amazed at how powerful it was.

Well, the last day (Friday) we decided to go to Cow Appreciation Day at Chickfila. We all decorated our hats to be unique :)
Marissa- A Princess Cow
Jack- A Pirate Cow
Mandee- A Cupcake Cow
Jackson- BatCow
Reesey- Minnie Mouse Cow
Tim- An Original Cow

Chance, Mandee, Reesey, Jackson, Marissa, Jack, Jonathan, Issac, and Tim

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