Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NEW! Just Do It

Hey Everyone! Check out the Just Do It page for our newest video made by my sister! It is the Fashion Police of Just Do It with Fashion Disasters of Colorado.

Anything new over here? No, just me and my busy busy life!
Hey, and you should check out my mom and sis's blogs! Their addresses are on the right of this post, and you just have to click on the title of the blogs! Ha ha, so easy....


  1. I love your picture in your 'About me" on the side! plus.. i definetly would have a bunny that breathes fire. that's just like the best pet ever. and maybe a turtle. lol

  2. ha ha, i voted a exploding caterpillar....whenever you just want to blow up something stick your caterpillar there....no one will suspect it!