Saturday, September 10, 2011

Writing a Novel

Tommorow I will be going to my Glen Eyrie Writers Conference 2011. I am so excited because I love to write! There are going to be christian authors there to critic our writing and teach us some stuff from their experiences!
I am writing a book right now with one of my good friends Rebekah Carr. It is called 'William in London'
Here is a preview of the book:

William in London
By Rebekah I. Carr and Marissa R. Knowles

In London England, mid-winter was quit cold for anyone to stand around in one cotton jacket and one pair of pants that had holes bigger then pennies. Those who had money more than most; bought themselves cloches of fleece and wool. The also had scarves and hats with tassels that went around their faces to keep them from frost bight. But those who had no money at all froze and tried to avoid going out in the cold. Orphans were not allowed to be with the rich men waiting inside the lounge waiting for the train. They were poor and sat outside in the cold; waiting for the orphan train. They huddled together for warmth but it did not help much.  
Fourteen year old William had lost his parents when he was young and had been in an orphange all his life. But all he  really wanted was to be free from the horrible orphan train he was about to get on. It wasn’t the best train in London, England either. Willy’s plan was when the police and the leaders helping the other orphans get on the train were to dash and flat out run. No that’s not a very good idea, Willy thought pushing his long hair away. I will start to walk with a couple as they walk by. It was a perfect plan that could work if the police wasn’t watching very well like he should be. Willy had to be aware of what the leader’s, the police and what the couple would be doing all at the same time.  Willy kept watch and when he thought it was his right time, Mrs. Cherie would say, “Oh darlin’ please stop your day dreaming and let’s go.” The line became shorter and shorter and finally Mrs. Cherie went into the train and someone walked b. This was his chance; he walked slowly with the person and his first thought was what about the policeman?  He looked back and saw the policeman right behind him.  Willy started running as fast as he could knowing that he could get in so much trouble if he were caught. He tried to make quick turns because he could tell that the policeman was not a very good runner with all the weight he was carrying.
Willy ran down in front of the man about ten feet away. For a moment he began to gain on him. Willy began to panic but soon enough there was a boy helping him get away.
“Up des’ stairs Lad,” said the boy. Willy followed and looked back at the policeman. He was falling behind and couldn’t really go up the stairs. Willy went on and followed the boy. They went down the hall and to their left was another hall. They heard the door close from the police coming in. The boys opened and closed a door quietly and ended up outside again on the other side of the building.  Running down the stairs, Willy wondered why this boy out of nowhere and help him escape. He still followed the boy and ran down an alley. They were far away from the police and the boy finally stopped. 
“Who are you?” asked Willy. “Why did you help me?” 
“Look lad, I will be back and if the policeman comes back , all you need to do is hide in one of them trash can, aye?” Said the Boy, “‘ere” He huffed and took off one of his long men coats that were dragging on the ground to Willy to were for the chili night. “I’ll be back,”
Willy couldn’t understand this other lad. He was about fifteen years of age and wore men’s cloths and a tall hat on his head that was black with a small band around it.  He left and all that William could hear was the sound of the daily routine of the busy city and the sound of bells and the smell of rousting peanuts. William had heard from a successful runaway was that he changed his name and took dirt from the ground and smeared it over his face and talked differently so that everyone else wouldn’t recognize him.  He got to thinkin’ and thought he should take the lads advice. William changed his name to Quinn. He was almost fourteen and thought of older things that would make him look older. 
He looked around and found an old cap that he would wear for his facial cover. After an hour or two of waiting for the stranger boy, Quinn decided to walk off on this own and find somewhere else to stay for a while. He walked to the edge of the alley he was in.  He suddenly heard the whistle of a policeman and shied away from the edge of the building. He carefully looked out from the building and saw nothing. Quinn walked out and went with the flow of the city. He looked around and watched the other people as they walked by.  He tried his best to blend in with the crowd. But there was a sudden thought that came upon him. He had no one telling him what to do; no one telling him how to walk and to be polite. He was as free as that other lad that had helped him. So finally he walked as if he owned the world. After he walked out of it someone pulled him into another alley and falling into a mud puddle. 
“What...wadya have to do that for?!” Quinn said  jumping out of the mud. 
“Look Lad, didn’t I tell ya that I was coming back.?” Said the boy.
“Yes but you were too long and the smell back there was horribly. Where are we going now?” Quinn asked. 
“Follow me,” he said. 
If you would like to have a copy of this when we are finished just let me know in the comment box below and I would love to make a copy for you! Rebekah and I are actually going to try and publish it when it is finished. If it will be published I will be sure to let you know so that you can go and get a copy!
Well, have a wonderful day!

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