Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can You Handle It?

This is a music video that I just made. The song is called 'Can You Handle It' by PureNRG. I like the creativeness I used with the whole news theme!


And this is another music video to a song called 'Say It' by Britt Nicole. Defiantly creative, but it could have been better!

And yet another one to a song called 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift. This one is personally my fav!

So I hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment below!
Some music videos I will be coming out with soon are 'I need you to Love Me' by Barlow Girl, 'Let it Roll' and 'Live Out Loud' both by Group1Crew. So stay tuned and please keep visiting my blog! There will always be new things on M&M Productions.


  1. Loved it! my favorite part was when you chucked that rock in her window! lol

  2. ya, that is my favorite part too, I like that in the credits, I am put down as the person throwing rocks!! LOL